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Dollar Plus Store Overview

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Ashraf Khan
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Variety store Dollar Plus Store has established headquarters at San Marcos, TX. It boasts an annual revenue of $7.3 million and employs 58 people. With its specialized appeal, Dollar Plus Store has gained quite a popularity within the industry. The current President of the company is Ashraf Khan.

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Dollar Plus Store Employee Statistics

The largest number of Dollar Plus Store employees graduated from University of Maryland, Columbia Falls High School, CARSON SENIOR HIGH, Houston Community College, and Stratford High School.

Based on trends in employee education at Dollar Plus Store, there's plenty to be said about the company's intellectual environment. At Dollar Plus Store, the most common educational background among employees is high school graduate (28.57% of workers).

Candidates seeking work at Dollar Plus Store have also shown interest in University of Maryland Baltimore county , JC Penney, Long Branch Community Center, CVS, and PETSMART.

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