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Ray Lombardi
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A tax return preparation services company, Deloitte is located at Deerfield, IL. It brings in a revenue of $3.01 billion annually and employs 21,716 people. The boutique appeal from Deloitte has made quite a splash within the industry. Ray Lombardi currently holds the position of CEO.

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Deloitte Employee Statistics

Employees at Deloitte represent a wide variety of alma maters, but the most common among them are Sheridan College, Government Engineering College, CATÓLICA-LISBON School of Business and Economics, Florida Institute of Technology, and Ukrainian Academy of Banking of the National Bank of Ukraine (UAB NBU).

Trends in employee education at Deloitte provide important insight into the company's intellectual environment. The most common degree held among employees (8.6%) is a Bachelor of Science. A decent number of employees at Deloitte also possess advanced degrees, with 4.2% holding a MBA, 3.09% holding a Master of Science, and 2.88% having earned a Master's Degree.

Candidates seeking work at Deloitte have also shown interest in Tim Horton's, TJX Canada, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Florida Institute of Technology, and Next Sphere.

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