Dazbog Coffee Company

Dazbog Coffee Company Overview

Denver, CO
Anatoly Yuffa
Commercial Equipment, Nec

Commercial equipment, nec company Dazbog Coffee Company is based at 1090 Yuma St, Denver, CO. It has an annual revenue of $2.7 million and employs 20 people. The niche appeal of Dazbog Coffee Company has made it quite noticeable within the boutique market. CEO Anatoly Yuffa manages the firm's success.

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Dazbog Coffee Company Employee Statistics

Dazbog Coffee Company draws applicants from around the country, but certain universities stand out above the rest. Among candidates, University of Northern Colorado alumni represent 28.57%, Metropolitan State University accounts for 14.29%, and Mountain View high school makes up 14.29%.

Employee education trends at Dazbog Coffee Company are helpful in gaining insight into the company's intellectual environment. Employees at Dazbog Coffee Company typically hold a Bachelor of English, High School Diploma, and none degrees.

Candidates seeking work at Dazbog Coffee Company have also shown interest in University of Northern Colorado - Center for International Education, Denver School of Science and Technology, Panera Bread , Beta Nightclub , and Starbucks Coffee Company.

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