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David Fernandez
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Davco Electric is an electrical work company, and it's positioned at 72 Prospect Ave, Long Beach, CA. It boasts an annual revenue of $250,800 and employs two people. Davco Electric's growing popularity is especially prevalent in the boutique market. The company is currently presided over by President David Fernandez.

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Davco Electric Employee Statistics

Mid Florida Tech, North Lauderdale Academy High School, AE1 A school aircraft electrical school USN, Stoughton High School, and Palm Beach State are the most common alma maters of Davco Electric employees.

Trends in employee education at Davco Electric shed light on the intellectual strength of the company. Employees at Davco Electric typically hold a Diploma, High School Diploma, GED, Masters Electrical License, and Journeymen License, 2/14/2004 Electrical Apprenticeship Course degrees.

Candidates applying to work at Davco Electric also typically seek work at Elcon Electric Inc., Terry's Electric Inc, and Fleet Fisheries.

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