Dart Transit

Dart Transit Overview

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Nick Cambas
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Local passenger transportation, nec company Dart Transit is located in 16991 US Highway 19 N, Clearwater, FL. It has an annual revenue of $17.5 million and employs 121 people. The niche appeal of Dart Transit has made it quite noticeable within the boutique market. President Nick Cambas currently heads the company.

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Dart Transit Employee Statistics

The largest number of Dart Transit employees graduated from CCI Training Center, Sumter County High School, ESD TRUCK DRIVIN SCHOOL, California State University, and West Jefferson High School.

Employee education trends at Dart Transit are helpful in gaining insight into the company's intellectual environment. At Dart Transit, the most common educational background among employees is high school graduate (29.75% of workers). Following are GED holders (5.79% of workers). Among Dart Transit employees, about 3.31% hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 3.31% have a Bachelor of Science.

Candidates applying to work at Dart Transit also typically seek work at Dart Transit.

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