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Complete Conference Management Overview

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Susan Holtzman
Business Services, Nec

You can find the headquarters of business services, nec company Complete Conference Management at 11440 N Kendall Dr # 306, Miami, FL. It boasts an annual revenue of $193,640 and employs two people. Without a doubt, Complete Conference Management has a niche appeal that makes it quite noticeable in the boutique market. At present, the President of the firm is Susan Holtzman.

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Complete Conference Management Employee Statistics

Applicants across the country flock to Complete Conference Management, but positions here are more attractive to alumni from certain universities. Kent State University alumni represent 33.33%, Emory University speaks for 16.67%, and Emory University School of Medicine makes up 16.67%.

Trends in employee education at Complete Conference Management provide important insight into the company's intellectual environment. The most common degree held among employees (33.33%) is a Bachelor of Arts.

Other companies that are popular among Complete Conference Management applicants include Playbill Magazine, Kimmel Center for the Performing Arts, TMP Worldwide Advertising and Communications, Macy's Department Store, and Florida International University.

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