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Comfort Inn Suites Overview

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A Patel
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The center of operations for hotel Comfort Inn Suites is at Grand Prairie, TX. It brings in a revenue of $1.8 million annually and employs 21 people. Known by many, Comfort Inn Suites has started to earn a list of admirers with its specialized appeal. President A Patel manages the company.

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Comfort Inn Suites Employee Statistics

Among the many schools represented at Comfort Inn Suites, the most commonly attended by employees are Westlake High School, Ashford University, and Morse high school.

Based on trends in employee education at Comfort Inn Suites, there's plenty to be said about the company's intellectual environment. Overall, the most common educational background at Comfort Inn Suites is high school graduate (39.36% of workers), followed by holders of a GED (15.96% of workers).

Applicants seeking opportunities at Comfort Inn Suites have also shown interest in Ron's Cut Master Barber Shop, Diamonmds Catering, Bavarian inn motel, Olive Garden, and Eastmister Childcare Center.

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