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Classic Coach Overview

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William Schollman
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The base of operations for local and suburban transit company Classic Coach are located at 1600 Locust Ave, Bohemia, NY. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $6.2 million and employs 74 people. Drawing clients in with their boutique allure, Classic Coach enjoys a dynamic reputation. William Schollman is the Owner of the firm.

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Classic Coach Employee Statistics

Among the many schools represented at Classic Coach, the most commonly attended by employees are Patchogue Medford High School, Arkansas Higher Education Harrison, and Arkansas Higher Education.

Employee education trends at Classic Coach are helpful in gaining insight into the company's intellectual environment. Overall, the most common educational background among employees at Classic Coach is high school graduate (42.86% of workers). Following are GED holders (28.57% of workers).

Other companies that are popular among Classic Coach applicants include Sonic Industries, Commercial Express, Lake Grove Diner, Tern Technology, and Lane Bryant.

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