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Chelsea's Cafe Overview

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George Remmetter
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Based at Denham Springs, LA, Chelsea's Cafe is classified as a restaurant. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $1.2 million and employs 28 people. A considerable amount of popularity Chelsea's Cafe has gained as a company stems from its niche appeal. George Remmetter currently holds the position of Owner.

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Chelsea's Cafe Employee Statistics

The most common alma maters represented at Chelsea's Cafe are Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge Magnet High School, and LSU.

For a glimpse into the intellectual environment at Chelsea's Cafe, look at the trends among employee education. The highest level of education for most Chelsea's Cafe employees is high school graduate (20% of workers). In terms of academic achievement at Chelsea's Cafe, about 6.67% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 6.67% have a Bachelor of Science.

Other companies that are popular among Chelsea's Cafe applicants include Chelsea's Cafe.

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