Charley's Steak House

Charley's Steak House Overview

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Charles Nasser
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Charley's Steak House is a restaurant found directly at 1187 W Wickenburg Way, Wickenburg, AZ. It boasts an annual revenue of $8.2 million and employs 204 people. Undeniably, Charley's Steak House is a go-to when talking about its niche market. This company is headed by current Owner Charles Nasser.

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Charley's Steak House Employee Statistics

University of Central Florida, Enterprise High School, and UNIVERSIDAD EZEQUIEL ZAMORA are the most common alma maters among employees at Charley's Steak House.

Trends in employee education at Charley's Steak House are an important insight into the company's intellectual environment. The highest level of education for most Charley's Steak House employees is high school graduate (23.53% of workers).

Other popular companies for job seekers applying to Charley's Steak House are FOP, Urban Flats, Manny's Chop House, BJ's Brewhouse, and Portobello Yacht Club.

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