Central Mutual Insurance

Central Mutual Insurance Overview

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Dana Andjus
Insurance Agents, Brokers, And Service

Central Mutual Insurance, which is located at 404 Wyman St # 360, Waltham, MA, is an insurance agents, brokers, and service company. It brings in a revenue of $4.7 million annually and employs 31 people. Well-known in the marketplace, Central Mutual Insurance is quite popular for its niche appeal. Dana Andjus currently presides as President of the company.

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Central Mutual Insurance Employee Statistics

Employees hail from a wide variety of alma maters, but the most common are Tri-State University (now Trine University), Rhodes State College, Vantage Career Center, Northwestern Business Collage, and Vantage Vocational.

For further insight into Central Mutual Insurance's intellectual environment, look at the trends in employee education. The most company employees (21.43%) hold a Bachelor of Science degree.

Other companies like Schnipke Engraving, Cantalician Center for Learning, Safeco Insurance, Creating Positive Relationships, and Safeco Insurance - General Liability are popular choices for Central Mutual Insurance applicants.

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