Casa Grande

Casa Grande Overview

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Margaret Anzaldua
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Casa Grande is a used merchandise store, and its headquarters are located at 215 N Main St, Eden, TX. It brings in a revenue of $4.9 million annually and employs 81 people. Well-known in the marketplace, Casa Grande has a niche quality that has certainly gained popularity. This company is headed by current Owner Margaret Anzaldua.

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Casa Grande Employee Statistics

The most common alma maters represented at Casa Grande are McEachern High School, Chino Valley High School, and University of Colorado School of Law.

The intellectual environment at Casa Grande is diverse, but there are plenty of trends among employee education. At Casa Grande, the most common educational background is high school graduate (46.15% of workers). At Casa Grande, academic achievement is set to high standards. About 7.69% of employees hold a Bachelor of Arts degree while 2.56% have a Bachelor of Science.

Other companies that are popular among Casa Grande applicants include Earl, Curley & Lagarde, PC, Surprise, Safeway, McCoy Law Group/McCoy, and County Attorney's Office.

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