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Lynette Franks
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The headquarters of Career Search, an employment agency, are located at 502 E Travis St, Marshall, TX. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $445,100 and employs six people. Well-known in the marketplace, Career Search has a niche quality that has certainly gained popularity. Lynette Franks is Owner of the firm.

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Career Search Employee Statistics

Career Search draws applicants from around the country, but certain universities stand out above the rest. Among candidates, Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts Los Angeles alumni represent 33.33%, Grambling State University accounts for 33.33%, and Booker T Washington High School makes up 33.33%.

Employee education trends at Career Search are helpful in gaining insight into the company's intellectual environment. The most common degrees held by Career Search employees are N/A, Certificate in Le Cordon Bleu Patisserie Arts, and Diploma.

Earnest Investments, Self employed, Frac Tech Services, Halliburton Energy, and Klempa constuction are also popular companies for job seekers applying to Career Search.

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