Cap City Tavern

Cap City Tavern Overview

Denver, CO
Blake Pickett
Drinking Places

A drinking places company, Cap City Tavern is situated directly at 1247 Bannock St, Denver, CO. It brings in a revenue of $113,300 annually and employs three people. Cap City Tavern's unique nature and offerings are in high demand in the boutique market. The Owner of the firm, Blake Pickett, is integral to the firm's success.

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Cap City Tavern Employee Statistics

The most common alma maters represented at Cap City Tavern are Ponderosa High School, Roy J. Wasson High School, and The Art Institute of Colorado.

There's plenty to be said about the intellectual environment at Cap City Tavern based on trends in employee education. Employees at Cap City Tavern typically hold a GED, High School Diploma, Associate of Applied Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Bachelor of Science degrees.

Other companies that are popular among Cap City Tavern applicants include HMFC Enterprises, Moontower Tacos, Overtime Sports Bar and Grill, First Financial Mortgage, and Mortgage Solutions.

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