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Borden Milk Products Overview

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Brian Howell
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Dairy farm Borden Milk Products's headquarters are at 4844 Baldwin Blvd, Corpus Christi, TX. It brings in a revenue of $203.8 million annually and employs 626 people. Borden Milk Products's reputation in the boutique space is something to be admired. President Brian Howell manages the firm's success.

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Borden Milk Products Employee Statistics

Among employees at Borden Milk Products, Brownsboro High School, Star City High, and Northside High School are the most common alma maters.

Trends in employee education at Borden Milk Products shed light on the intellectual strength of the company. The most common degrees held by Borden Milk Products employees are High school diploma, High School Diploma, and GED.

Other popular companies for job seekers applying to Borden Milk Products are Borden Milk Products.

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