Black Mountain Ranch

Black Mountain Ranch Overview

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Nowell May
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The base of operations for amusement & recreation services company Black Mountain Ranch are located at 4000 Conger Mesa Rd, Mc Coy, CO. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $3.5 million and employs 44 people. Black Mountain Ranch has carved out a space for itself in the boutique space with its specialized appeal. Owner Nowell May is at the head of company leadership.

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Black Mountain Ranch Employee Statistics

Candidates seeking jobs at Black Mountain Ranch hail from universities all over the country, but certain institutions stand out above the rest. Mount Baker High School alumni represent 18.18%, Eastern Washington University accounts for 13.64% of candidates, and Wenatchee Valley College makes up 4.55%.

For a closer look at the intellectual environment at Black Mountain Ranch, look at the educational trends among employees. Overall, the most common educational background among employees at Black Mountain Ranch is high school graduate (36.36% of workers).

Candidates applying to work at Black Mountain Ranch also typically seek work at Black Mountain Ranch.

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