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Jeffrey S Bruni
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A real estate agents and managers company, Bear Necessities is located at 334 Courthouse Rd, Gulfport, MS. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $4.2 million and employs 38 people. A large portion of the popularity Bear Necessities has gained stems from its specialized appeal in the market. The top leader of the company is President Jeffrey S Bruni.

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Bear Necessities Employee Statistics

Applicants across the country flock to Bear Necessities, but positions here are more attractive to alumni from certain universities. Cornell University alumni represent 14.29%, Mount Royal Collegiate speaks for 4.76%, and University of Durham makes up 4.76%.

Based on employee education trends, there's a lot to be said about the intellectual environment at Bear Necessities. Among employees, the most common degree held (9.52%) is a Bachelor of Arts.

Candidates applying to work at Bear Necessities also typically seek work at Malia Mills, Special Sprouts Therapeutic Nursery, and YAI /NYL.

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