Automation Engineering

Automation Engineering Overview

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Ernst Hohmann
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Automation Engineering is a services, nec company that's located at BOX 43245, Philadelphia, PA. It has an annual revenue of $28.6 million and employs 105 people. A gem in the market, Automation Engineering has become quite popular for its niche appeal. CEO Ernst Hohmann currently heads the company.

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Automation Engineering Employee Statistics

A wide variety of alma maters are represented by Automation Engineering employees, but among the most common are Travelers Rest High School, Greenville Technical College, and Chapman Highschool.

Trends in employee education at Automation Engineering shed light on the intellectual strength of the company. Employees at Automation Engineering typically hold a Associate Degree in Computer Technology - Network Administration, Diploma, Associate of Arts, and High School Diploma degrees.

Among Automation Engineering candidates, companies like Automation Engineering are also popular places to apply.

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