Atmel Corporation

Atmel Corporation Overview

San Jose, CA & 13 other cities view all
Chairman Of The Board:
George Perlegos
Semiconductors And Related Devices & 2 other industries view all

A semiconductors and related devices company, Atmel Corporation is located at 2325 Orchard Pkwy, San Jose, CA. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $1.29 billion and employs 7,430 people. Widespread popularity may not be in the cards for Atmel Corporation, but its niche success is undeniable. Chairman Of The Board George Perlegos is at the head of company leadership.

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Atmel Corporation Employee Statistics

Atmel Corporation employees hail from a wide variety of colleges and universities, but the most common among them are Pikes Peak Community College, University of Phoenix, and San Jose State University.

Employee educational trends provide a close-up view into Atmel Corporation's intellectual environment. The degree most commonly held among employees (16.13%) would be a Bachelor of Science degree.

Among Atmel Corporation candidates, companies like Intel Corporation, SJSU, International Rectifier, Advanced Micro Devices, and Leprino Foods are also popular places to apply.

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