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Samuel Miller
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An insurance agents, brokers, and service company, American Medical Security is located at P.O. BOX 19032, Green Bay, WI. It boasts an annual revenue of $26 million and employs 145 people. Catering to a distinct section of the market, American Medical Security has exhibited significant niche appeal. President Samuel Miller presides over the company.

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American Medical Security Employee Statistics

Most employees at American Medical Security are alumni from Northeast Wisconsin Technical College, Tulsa Community College, Crivitz High School, NWTC, and Marshall School of Law.

For insight into American Medical Security's intellectual environment, look at the trends in employee education. Employees at American Medical Security typically hold a HS Diploma, Associate of Science, Associate of Arts, Bachelor of Science, and J.D. degrees.

Among American Medical Security candidates, companies like Special Conservation Group , ABM Janitorial, New England Sinai Hospital, Colt Security Service, and TJ MAXX are also popular places to apply.

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