American General Financial

American General Financial Overview

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Mike Lorch
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Located at P.O. BOX 287, Fairbury, IL, American General Financial is categorized as an insurance agents, brokers, and service company. It brings in a revenue of $8.6 million annually and employs 26 people. Without a doubt, American General Financial has a niche appeal that makes it quite noticeable in the boutique market. Currently at the head of company leadership is Owner Mike Lorch.

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American General Financial Employee Statistics

Most employees at American General Financial are alumni from Regional Occupational Program, Rutgers University School of Business, Department of Health Services, Clayton state University, and Chesterfield High.

Employee education trends at American General Financial help provide insight into the company's intellectual environment. Most employees (14.29%) hold a Bachelor of Science degree.

Candidates applying to work at American General Financial also typically seek work at Commerce Bank Corporation, West Coast Medical Clinic, and Laser Vision Institute.

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