Alpine Veterinary Clinic

Alpine Veterinary Clinic Overview

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Ray Allen
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The headquarters of veterinary services, specialties company Alpine Veterinary Clinic can be found at 2201 W Highway 90, Alpine, TX. It brings in a revenue of $2.4 million annually and employs 20 people. The specialized appeal of Alpine Veterinary Clinic has given it plenty of recognition in the market. Owner Ray Allen currently heads the company.

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Alpine Veterinary Clinic Employee Statistics

Among the many schools represented at Alpine Veterinary Clinic, the most commonly attended by employees are Clark College, US Career Institute, and River Valley Charter School.

The intellectual environment at Alpine Veterinary Clinic is diverse, but there are plenty of trends among employee education. Employees at Alpine Veterinary Clinic typically hold a GED, Veterinary Assistant and Animal Care Certificate, and High School Diploma degrees.

Applicants seeking opportunities at Alpine Veterinary Clinic have also shown interest in Hamilton Farm Equipment, The Chase Family, T and M Machine, Barista Baked Cafe Whitehorse Yukon, and Okanogan Jr./Sr. High School.

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