Alfe Heat Treating

Alfe Heat Treating Overview

Fort Wayne, IN
Curt Westman
Metal Heat Treating

Alfe Heat Treating is located at 10630 W Perimeter Rd, Fort Wayne, IN, and it's a metal heat treating company. It has an annual revenue of $1.9 million and employs six people. A tight-knit focus makes Alfe Heat Treating wildly popular in the boutique space. Owner Curt Westman is at the head of company leadership.

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Alfe Heat Treating Employee Statistics

The most common alma maters represented at Alfe Heat Treating are American InterContinental University, Arthur Hill High School, and Indiana University Kokomo.

Employee education trends at Alfe Heat Treating provide insight into the intellectual diversity of the company. The most common educational background among employees at Alfe Heat Treating is high school graduate (40% of workers).

Applicants seeking opportunities at Alfe Heat Treating have also shown interest in Homier Distributing, Parham AFC Home, QS Plastech, Production Assembly, and Nexgen Mold & Tool.

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