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Advantage Tank Lines Overview

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Rick Nash
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The headquarters of Advantage Tank Lines, a trucking, except local company, is found at 11110 Highway 225, La Porte, TX. It pulls in a yearly revenue of $204.2 million and employs 147 people. With its specialized appeal, Advantage Tank Lines has gained quite a popularity within the industry. A good President is essential to any company, and Rick Nash has brought ample success to the firm.

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Advantage Tank Lines Employee Statistics

Most employees at Advantage Tank Lines are alumni from Westwood Heights, Elmwood High School, Meadowbrook high school, Martins Ferry High, and Boces.

Educational trends among employees at Advantage Tank Lines provide insight into the company's intellectual environment. In terms of educational backgrounds at Advantage Tank Lines, the most common among employees is high school graduate (60.71% of workers). Following are those who hold a GED (7.14% of workers).

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