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Advanced Computer Technology Overview

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Kaye Blake
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Help supply services company Advanced Computer Technology runs main operations out of 2739 Saddle Dr, Durham, NC. It boasts an annual revenue of $41.6 million and employs 115 people. Known for its specialized appeal, Advanced Computer Technology has become quite popular within the industry. CEO Kaye Blake presides over the company.

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Advanced Computer Technology Employee Statistics

Adult Learning Center of Osceola County, ECPI Computer Institute, Union County College, Faculty Of Commerce, Cairo University, and Faculty of Commerce, Cairo University are the most common alma maters of Advanced Computer Technology employees.

For a closer look at the intellectual environment at Advanced Computer Technology, look at the educational trends among employees. The most common degrees held by Advanced Computer Technology employees are Bachelor of Commerce, Certified Management Accountant IMA,USA, and Post Graduate Diploma.

Other popular companies for job seekers applying to Advanced Computer Technology are Orascom Development Holding AG, National Bank of Egypt, Ramsey Nissan, The Children's Village Alien Children TRAC, and Allscripts.

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