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Active Media Overview

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Jonathan Cloud
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The center of operations for computer related services, nec company Active Media is at 8 Revere Rd, Basking Ridge, NJ. It brings in a revenue of $456,870 annually and employs three people. With its specialized appeal, Active Media has gained quite a popularity within the industry. President Jonathan Cloud presides over the company.

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Active Media Employee Statistics

Rani Chennamma College (BBMP), Harry Friedman, and Whitirea Polytechnic are the most common alma maters among employees at Active Media.

For a closer look at the intellectual environment at Active Media, look at the educational trends among employees. Employees at Active Media typically hold a Certificate of Management, GED, Bachelor of Commerce 2008, 7th Form Bursary, and Certificate in Sales Skills degrees.

Among Active Media candidates, companies like ANZ Bank Ltd, DELL International , and Hora Te Pai Health Services are also popular places to apply.

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