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2 Dye 4 Overview

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Brad Working
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2 Dye 4, a lace and warp knit fabric mills company, is located at 9985 Trenton Ln N, Osseo, MN. It has an annual revenue of $258,400 and employs two people. Undeniably, 2 Dye 4 is a go-to when talking about its niche market. Owner Brad Working manages the company.

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2 Dye 4 Employee Statistics

Applicants across the country flock to 2 Dye 4, but positions here are more attractive to alumni from certain universities. Bowling Green High School alumni represent 25%, Clearview School of Cosmetology speaks for 25%, and Drapers makes up 25%.

There's plenty to be said about the intellectual environment at 2 Dye 4 based on trends in employee education. Overall, the most common educational background among employees at 2 Dye 4 is high school graduate (25% of workers).

Other companies that are popular among 2 Dye 4 applicants include Regis Corp.

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